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ChardhamtoursChardhamtoursChardhamtoursChardhamtours Chardhamtours
ChardhamtoursChardhamtours Chardhamtours
If you are dreaming of a vacation in paradise, welcomes you in Uttarakhand, the land of Gods. The company specialises in conducting Pilgrimage tours for Char Dham that are considered as the most sacred pilgrimage sites in the Hindu religion. Our Char Dham Tour include Chardham Tour, Badrinath Tour, Kedarnath Tour, Gangotri Tour and Yamunotri Tour. Our Char Dham Tour Packages have been designed to meet all your requirements while ensuring complete comfort and satisfaction.
Chardhamtours Chardhamtours
Chardhamtours Chardhamtours
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Kedarnath In Purana

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Brief Ancient Katha (Vyas esmriti fourth chapter)
Person may leave all his sins having journey to Kedranath.

Mahabaharat Shalya Purana (38th chapter)
There are seven Saraswati in universe namely, 1. Suprabha in pushkar, 2. Kanchanakshi in Naimisharanya, 3. Vishala in Gaya, 4. Manorma in Ayodhya, 5. Oaghwati in Kurukshetra, 6. Surena in Gangadwar, 7. Vimlodka in Himalaya.

Shantiparva (35th chapter)
The person get Shivloka by leaving his body (dead), being Mahaprasthana yatra that is joumey to Kedaraanchal.

Vana purana (38th chapter)
After taking bathing in Kedarkhand and visiting Kedarnath temple in Krishnapaksha on chaturdashi, devotee get rid of all of his sins and get Swarga.

Kurma purana ( 36th chapter)
Person will get Rudraloka having darshan of Kedar and bathing Himalaya teertha.

Shiva Purana (Gyan sanhita, 38th chapter)
Kedareshwar linga is situated at Himalayas which is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. After visiting Kedareshwar Linga, devotees get rid of all their sins.

Eskanda Purana (First part of Kedarkhand, 40th chapter)
Pandvas had asked Vyas ji for remedy for their sins which were happened due to Gau hatya and Guru Hatya during the war of Mahabharat. Vyas ji replied and told them to visit Kedarnath to get prayaschit (the confession).

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